More than a relative or neighbor snapping pics, Trevor’s professional experience and expertise shows through in every image.


Trevor listens first. Your goals are the priority. His mission is to understand what you’d love to see and capture it in a way that is compelling and memorable.


Ordinary photographs are not the same as unforgettable images. Trevor’s focus is always delivering images you will be passionate about sharing.

I believe images should inspire, empower, evoke, represent, build relationships, and create opportunities.

Trevor Holman

Visual Storyteller

As a visual storyteller, Trevor’s unique approach enables him to discover and capture the distinctive personality of a person, no matter how shy or nervous they start off during a photo session. With a background in television and film, he experienced the power of images to communicate and compel. He knows what moves hearts and minds. And he knew he wanted to make a difference in the community and of the people who live there.

Through capturing headshots with personality, connecting with people, and helping you look your very best, Trevor’s passion is connecting your story with the stories of your audience.

"Trevor volunteers his time every year to support our annual 5k race by photographing the event. He consistently delivers great shots and provides a quick turnaround for the images so that we can use them in our post-race social media and email campaigns. The race is a fundraiser for the Southwest Baltimore Charter School and the Chesapeake Center for Youth Development, so we have a tight budget. We are so thankful to have a talented photographer in the community willing to lend his skills."

Suz K., Sowebo Landmark 5k Planning Committee